Our History

The origins of BC Land Summit Society

The concept of the BC Land Summit emerged from discussions between several land use professions, which were facilitated through a professional roundtable. The mutual benefits of collaborating on a joint conference were soon apparent, and a decision to proceed was taken by a number of the participating professions.

During 2002 a partnership was formed, and planning began for the first innovative and unique joint land related conference – the BC Land Summit – began. It was held in 2004. Following on its success, the participating organizations renewed their partnership to hold a second Summit in 2009.

With the continued success of the BC Land Summit, following the 2009 conference the original partner organizations agreed to form a new permanent non-profit Society — the BC Land Summit Society — to organize and host future Summits.

2004 BC Land Summit

May 12th to 14th, 2004

University of British Columbia, in Vancouver.


“Working Together For Better Results”; governance, the value of land, changing land use patterns, and information & understanding.


Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon, author, futurist, and academic; Dr. Marc Imhoff, Earth observation expert with NASA; Andro Linklater, author and journalist in politics and the arts, science, and technology; and Roberta Jamieson, Chief of the Six Nations Band in Ontario, conflict resolution and diversity expert. ​

2009 BC Land Summit

May 20th to 22nd, 2009

The Whistler Conference Centre, in Whistler.


“A Better Future: Adapting to Change”; changing environments – natural & cultural diversity; a world of change – growth & globalization; change in motion – movement, transportation & travel; and changing place & space – communities in transition.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., leading environmental activist and lawyer, Sherry Kafka-Wagner, urban design and public place development consultant; Dr. Richard Hebda curator of botany and earth history; and Thomas Berger QC, OBC, leader, lawyer and former Justice of the Supreme Court of BC. ​

2014 BC Land Summit

May 14th to 16th, 2014

The Sheraton Wall Centre, in Vancouver.


“Collaborations & Connections”; food & agriculture; law & the land; the natural & built environment; and water & the land.


Chris Hadfield, astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station; Catherine Murray, co-host and anchor for BNN and former VP at Deutsche Bank; Wade Davis, anthropologist, author & explorer; and Louise Mandell, Queen’s Counsel and Doctor of Laws (Hon.).

2019 BC Land Summit

May 8th to 10th, 2019

The Westin Bayshore, in Vancouver


“Collaborations & Connections”; food & agriculture; law & the land; the natural & built environment; and water & the land.


Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier and Harvard University Professor of Economics Edward Glaeser. Comedian/impersonator Mark Critch as a featured evening presenter

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