BC Land Summit Volunteer Policy and Guidelines

Please note that the BC Land Summit 2019 (“Land Summit”) minimum volunteer time commitment is between 6 and 8 hours depending on which specific activities each volunteer is assigned to.    

The Westin Bayshore Vancouver Hotel
1601 Bayshore Drive
Telephone 604-682-3377

Volunteer Coordinator:
Julia Henshall
Administrative Officer
British Columbia Institute of Agrologists (BCIA)
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 250 380-9292 or 1-877-855-9291

Discounted Conference Registration and Fees:
Please note that all volunteer work for the Land Summit is performed on an unpaid basis. In recognition of the time commitment, all volunteers will be eligible for a discounted conference registration fee as follows:

  • $379.00 for a regular volunteer;
  • $149.00 for a student volunteer.

All conference registration and other fees subject to 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST).

A “student” for purposes of the volunteer rate (and the regular reduced student rate) is defined as a person currently enrolled in or returning to a British Columbia post-secondary educational institution as evidenced by the provision of a valid current student number.

In addition, some volunteers may have their volunteer hours recognized as Professional Development by their respective professional organization. That decision however is determined by each professional organization and not by the Land Summit.  

Arrival & Sign-in:
The volunteer sign-in area is located on the main conference level, at the registration desk in the foyer of the venue. Volunteers must sign in and out with the Coordinator or their representative to confirm attendance and for professional development confirmation. All volunteers must arrive thirty minutes prior to the commencement of their assigned duties to sign in and receive a brief orientation. 

Unexpected Circumstances: 
Volunteers should inform the Coordinator of any circumstances that would prevent, delay, or impede their attendance. 

Volunteers are required to sign in upon arrival, take direction from supervisors, and communicate effectively with supervisors and the volunteer team. Volunteers must wear a volunteer t-shirt and conference name tag for ease of identification by conference delegates. The t-shirts and name tags will be provided by the 2019 BC Land Summit at no charge to the volunteer and may be retained by the volunteer. All volunteers must conduct themselves in a professional manner and report any unprofessional conduct to supervisors immediately. 

The BC Land Summit Society, its five member organizations and the employees, Directors, officers or any representatives of those organizations and The Westin Bayshore Vancouver Hotel are not responsible for any injuries or damage suffered by any volunteer or for loss of or damage to any personal belongings.

Assignment of Duties:
The BC Land Summit Society retains the right to assign volunteers to whichever conference activities at which they are required. The BC Land Summit Society will endeavour, however, to assign the volunteer to their requested activities as outlined in the application form.